Exciting new school partnerships: WITS and TFFJ

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Wellness in the Schools:WITS
Wellness in the Schools (WITS) inspires healthy eating, environmental awareness and fitness as a way of life for kids in public schools. WITS is partnering with Unison and PS56 this year by providing us with a chef to improve the quality and taste of school lunch, and a recess coach to increase play and fitness opportunities.  Our chef, Elaina Kaufman, recently graduated from the Natural Gourmet Institute, and our recess coach, Amara Mbionwu, recently graduated from Columbia University, where she played basketball for four years. As part of this partnership, students will partake in quarterly cooking labs, including tastings of seasonal ingredients and dishes, to which families will be invited.  Similarly, quarterly fitness events will take place, to which students and families
will be invited.


Teens for Food Justice:

Teens for Food Justice (TFFJ), powered by Students for Service, brings food equity to urban communities where good nutrition and healthy food access are a significant challenge, and educates and empowers youth to be on the front lines of this work.  At Unison this year, a group of 20 students will have the unique opportunity to build and maintain an indoor hydroponic farm in Rm. 300, that serves as a local source for fresh food and creates a space for nutrition and health education in our school and community. Students will use cutting-edge hydroponic technology to grow substantial quantities of crops for our school, families, and neighbors. Students will be trained to become health and nutrition ambassadors who teach skills for healthy eating, shopping, cooking, fitness and lifestyle behaviors to others. Through their own, their peers’, their families’ and their neighbors’ involvement, these young leaders will be the catalysts for a grassroots food justice movement in their community.

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