Fantastic DRP Score Growth

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February 2014

Dearest Unison Community –

We are officially into the second half of the year!  It is a time for great leaps forward.  And, it is time for our students to get ready to take responsibility for demonstrating their learning on the state exams this coming Spring.

We have taken a lot of feedback from you to restructure some of our supports for students as they are preparing to take this leap.  We now have one full hour of AIM time to support students in English Language Arts, one full hour of AIM time to support Math and one full hour to support Science and Social Studies per week for students to get more of their learning work completed and to have the support of a teacher in a small group.  We began this new structure at the start of the new marking period with great success!  Now your child be able to complete learning assignments that are due for their classes during this block – giving them more opportunities to finish their assignments.

On another note, we just got our January scores from the Degrees of Reading Power assessment.  Our students have made impressive gains in their reading levels!  Take a look:

DRP Growth

Sixth graders across the country make an average of 4 DRP levels of growth in one year and Seventh graders across the country make an average of 3 DRP levels of growth in one year!  Look at our kids!  Our kids made an average of one year’s growth in ONLY A HALF OF A YEAR!

There are a lot of students that exceeded one year’s growth in just this half of a year.  Expect letters home to tell you about your child’s DRP growth.

Here’s to continued growth!

Emily Jarrell

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