High School Application

The High School Application Process is overwhelming!

Check out the below Frequently Asked Questions and links to help you out. (FAQ's from the NYC DOE Website)

What information will be on my High School Application?

Your application will include:

  • Your biographical information, including name and address.
  • Your academic information from seventh grade, including your course grades, days absent, days late, and NY State ELA and math test scores.
  • Your eligibility for bilingual services, if applicable.
  • Your eligibility for seats for students with disabilities, if applicable.
  • Information on whether there is a continuing school or zoned school for which you have priority or a guaranteed seat if you apply.  

What is the difference between a school and a program?

You can think about programs as “doorways” through which they accept students. There can be multiple programs offered by one school and eligible students may apply to one program, or more than one program at that school. Programs often focus on specific interest area. Programs at the same school may have different Admissions Priorities and Admissions Methods. You may decide to apply to one program over another based on its admissions and its interest area.

How do different schools evaluate my High School Application?

Programs evaluate students through their Admissions Methods.  An Admissions Method is the way a school program matches with applicants. Students are first grouped by Admissions Priority (see next question) and then considered by Admissions Method. You can read more about Admissions Methods in the High School Directory. Programs with a Zoned, Unscreened, Limited Unscreened, or Screened for Language Admissions Method do not see an applicant’s school records. Programs with a Screened, Audition, or Educational Option Admissions Method do see an applicant’s school record.  

What are zoned programs and how can I find one in my neighborhood?

Zoned programs give either priority or a guaranteed offer to students who apply and live in the geographic zoned area of that high school. Not every student has a school with a zoned program. Find out if you have a zoned school by checking the back of your High School Application, or type your address into School Search. You may place your zoned school’s program code anywhere on your application list and still have priority.