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Dearest Unison Family,
Welcome to 2014 – 2015! We are entering a very exciting year here at Unison. Our school becomes full-size this year with our first class of students graduating from the 8th grade this coming June! We finally have the entire floor to ourselves with a full teaching and support staff ready to make Unison a wonderful place during the 2014 – 2015 school year and beyond. This school year also marks my second year as principal and the second and third year for much of the Unison team. The entire team has worked tirelessly to plan for a successful school year and to plan coursework tailored to all of your children’s’ needs.
I am confident that this coming school year will take our school and all our students to new levels as we work hard, together, to ensure that each student at our school leaves ready for high school and eventually college. The partnership between the school, the home and the community is really the most important key to building the kind of school that all our students deserve!

Please know that you can contact the school anytime by calling the school directly at (718) 399 – 1061. You can also always email me directly at Emily.Jarrell@UAUnison.org.
I look forward to seeing you all soon and to making this an incredible school year!

Emily Jarrell

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