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August 2013

Dearest Students, Families, and Friends of The Urban Assembly Unison School,

I remember all too well the summer over two decades ago when I was preparing to enter a Brooklyn middle school as a student.  Would I make friends?  Would my teachers be nice? Would I be able to find my way around? Would riding the subway alone be scary?

And, I remember all too well the summer over a decade ago when I was preparing for my first classroom as a teacher.  Would my students like me?  Would I be able to meet all their needs?  Would they excel? 

And just last summer, I remember all too well, sending my own child off into a New York City public school.  Would he be safe?  Would he be happy?  Would he learn all that he could possibly learn?  Would his teacher foster his independence and interests in order to capture his attention? Would his teacher get to know him as an individual student to meet his individual needs?

And now, this summer, I am here.  I am entering into leading this school.  I am here as a former student of NYC public schools, a former teacher in NYC public schools, as an administrator for NYC public schools, a parent of a child in a NYC public school and now as principal of this very unique and special public school – The Urban Assembly Unison School.

I am honored to join this community, along with PS 56 and Satellite III.  My commitment is to the mission of Unison School – to build independent and responsible students who are able to achieve academically at accelerated paces through the implementation of the Learning Cultures curricular model.  We know that helping our students to not only master the curriculum but to master the act of learning is what will help them be successful in high school, college and in their careers and lives beyond school.  And, this is what they will learn to do as students at Unison School.

The academic program will be challenging and engaging and we will ensure that our students will be able to take responsibility for their learning in a positive and promotive way. Parents, teachers, support staff, and administration will all have an important role to support our children in becoming responsible and independent learners.  In partnership with Citizen School, we will provide our students with the support and expanded learning opportunities they need to acquire the skills to become active and happy citizens.  My largest responsibility this year is to provide the leadership that will facilitate a positive school environment to meet the needs of each student. I hope you will reach out to me to share your insights and concerns about your children and I hope you will welcome me reaching out to you for the same.

Through close, open, and honest partnerships amongst all members of Unison School’s community, I am confident that we will make our school an even better place for students to learn and grow in this coming year.

The Unison School is a school where all children have an equal seat at the table – where we know that every child can succeed and that every child has the right to the opportunity to learn from one another and to learn at the highest and richest levels possible.

Here’s to your children and this coming year,

Emily Jarrell

IA Principal

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